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High Streak Blackjack – Rules Guide and Free Play

This Microgaming blackjack variation sure knows how to keep any gambler motivated and excited. The super generous bonus payouts increase with each following win and all that’s required to get involved in the fun is a small side bet placed right next to your regular one. In addition, you will be in the company of beautiful graphics, inbuilt strategy card, auto-play feature and a personalized options menu which take the overall experience to a whole new level of emotion. Read More

High Streak Blackjack
Up to £160 To Play Blackjack at 32Red
RTP: 99.59% Pays 3:2 2 Decks No Multihand ✓ Side Bets No Surrender
Game Rating:
  • Gameplay: 4.9/5
  • RTP: 4.8/5
  • Interface: 4.5/5
  • Settings: 4.7/5
Overall Score: 4.73/5
Unique Features:
  • Superb Graphics
  • Bonus Payout
  • Auto Play Feature
Where you can play the game: 32 Red Casino, Betway Casino

If you want to learn more about High Streak Blackjack, stay with us until the end. We will start with a short explanation of the key rules, payouts, and features to give you an overall idea of what the game is about. After laying the groundworks, it’s time for some strategy talk and a free demo practice right after. The embedded strategy card resembles the one featured in the game and is a good visualization of the ideal moves in any given situation which will be of great help when playing for real money.

High Streak Blackjack Rules
RTP: 99.59%
Blackjack Pays: 3:2
Number of Decks: 2
Dealer Rule: Stands on all 17s
Dealer Peek: No
Insurance: Yes
Surrender: No
Split: Yes
Re-split: No
Double: On hard 9-11
Double After Split: No
Hit Split Aces: Yes
Side Bets: Yes
Multihand: No

Table Rules

The game uses 2 regular decks of cards and is played in single hand mode only. Besides the regular bets which start from £1 and go up to £200, you can also place a side, high streak bet (£1- £20). Depending on the number of consecutive hands you win, there are 5 streak levels and each winning hand moves you a step up the ladder. As the streaks grow, the awards do the same kicking off with 1:1 bonus payout for a 2nd streak win and ending with 10:1 for the 5th. A blackjack pays 2:3 and all ties including the side bets push.

Meanwhile the gameplay follows the standard European blackjack rules. Some of the basics include the dealer standing on all 17s and not being allowed a peek. Splitting two cards with the same value is possible only once per game but an ace and a 10-valued card hand formed after splitting aces is consider a 21 result which will get beaten by a blackjack. To double down you will need a hard 9, 10 or 11 after which you are dealt only one more card followed by an automatic stand.

Play with Strategy!

High Streak Blackjack has one of the highest RTP you can obtain but to take full advantage of that number some strategic help would be highly necessary. We have included the perfect strategy chart for this particular game down below even though it is reachable just as well from the drop-down menu while the game’s expert mode is on. It is in close partnership with the interactive auto play feature making your gameplay highly personalised.

Progressive Blackjack Strategy Card

All strategy cards help by minimizing the house edge but they could never eliminate it completely. If you keep that in mind and mix strategy with intuition, you will be in good hands. Or as in the case of High Streak Blackjack, where your preferences are easily integrated into the strategy and saved for as long as you need to, all that’s left for you to increase your winning chances is to find a good welcome bonus. Claim and learn more about the £160 welcome boost by 32 Red Casino in our full review right here.

Experience the High Streaks for Free!

If you are interested in trying out High Streak Blackjack for free, here is the best place to do that! The demo game below is the perfect way to get a taste of how the game feels and looks like in action. Take some time to experiment with different strategies or just play for fun!

High Streak Blackjack Demo Game
Instant play

Our advice to all blackjack fans who have never tried this Microgaming variation is to not skip the free demo as it comes with great benefits. Most of all, a free practice session will help you gain experience, master your ability to make fast and strategically right decisions while having fun and not worrying about losing any real money. Once you get to know the game in detail, the transition to a real money gameplay will happen much stress-free and will result in more wins or at least minimised losses.

Real Money Casinos and Other Blackjack Favorites

As you can see High Streak Blackjack is a game that has a lot to offer to its players. Most importantly it provides high RTP and the thrill of consecutive payouts which escalate with every win. Two staple elements which pop up even more in combination with Microgaming‘s graphical and software proficiency. In case you don’t like this type of side bets or side bets at all, here are some similar blackjack offerings for you to consider.

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Even though there are a lot of different blackjack variations, High Streak Blackjack does a good job at combining generous wins with intriguing and constantly growing payouts making it a popular choice among gamblers around the world. If it happens to be your personal favourite too, make sure you find the right online casino that will give you the highest welcome bonus for signing in or depositing. Out of all, 32 Red Casino is our chart leader with their £160 treat available for everyone wishing to place some wagers on any of their online blackjack games. So, go ahead and good luck!