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The Best Credit Card Casino Sites

Credit cards have become an essential thing for quite a lot of modern people. They allow us to afford a better quality of life, and come with many additional benefits. It is no wonder that they are one of the most commonly used payment methods at online casinos. Many people choose them over other option because of the credit cards’ convenience, range, and availability. Unlike most other payment methods, credit cards are supported by absolutely every online casino ever. Check out our top three list of best UK casinos below.

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We chose those three operators because they offer the best overall casino experience in the UK. Of course, all of them are licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, as well as all other relevant authorities. In this article, we will explore why credit cards are such a popular way to deposit at online casinos, and look at all the advantages and disadvantages that the payment method offers.

Using a Credit Card at an Online Casino

If you have ever used your credit card to purchase something online, then you will find the process of using it at an online casino alarmingly similar. The process is easy, safe, and very convenient, allowing you to quickly make deposits without having to stop playing your favourite games. Allow us to walk you through the process of making your first casino account deposit using a credit card.

How to Make Your First Deposit

After logging into your casino account, visit the cashier and attempt to make a deposit. From the list of payment options, select ‘Debit/Credit Card’. You will need to input the amount of money that you wish to deposit – mind the minimum and maximum limits that the casino has. After that, you need to type in your credit card number, expiry date, and three-digit CVV/CVC code found on the back. Once you are done, confirm the payment.

After this is done, feel free to check your account balance – the money should already be there, waiting to be wagered on your favourite casino games. That is right, transactions via credit cards are instantaneous, so you can get back to playing without wasting valuable time.

Deposit & Withdrawal Limits

Standard Credit Card Deposit/Withdrawal Limits
Min. Deposit: £5
Max Deposit: Unlimited
Min. Withdrawal: £5
Max. Withdrawal: Unlimited

Every casino sets their own standards for deposit and withdrawal limits, but we managed to come up with some averages – you can see them in the table. The minimum for both operations usually stands at around £5, which is ideal for newbies and casual players. On the other hand, there is usually no cap on deposits or withdrawals with credit cards, which is excellent for the so-called high rollers – people who like to have large bankrolls and bet thousands of pounds. In conclusion, credit cards are an ideal payment option, no matter what kind of player you are.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Credit Cards

As you can see, there are numerous advantages to using your credit card for deposits and withdrawals at your favourite online casino. In addition to the streamlined, familiar process, we should also point out that this payment option is incredibly safe. The connection you are using to complete the transaction is encrypted, and there are numerous security protocols protecting your sensitive data from prying eyes. Finally, all casinos accept payments by credit card – so you can play anywhere you want to if you are committed to this option.

Safe & Secure Deposits via Credit Card
  • Advantages:
  • Easy & Convenient
  • Advanced Security
  • Accepted Everywhere
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Dependable Customer Support
  • Disadvantages:
  • Some Companies Charge Extra
  • Long Withdrawals
  • You Gamble on Credit

As all other payment methods, there are certain disadvantages to using credit cards as well. The whole concept of using credit cards is a bit of a disadvantage of itself – after all, you are technically wagering money that is not yours. If your bank account is empty and you use your credit card in hopes to make money, that might not turn out so good. Also, don’t forget that companies that issue credit cards usually charge you for using them. On another note, withdrawals via credit card might take a bit longer than other payment methods.

Credit Card Companies

When it comes to credit cards, the two largest companies that deal with them are Visa and MasterCard. They are not banks themselves and do not directly issue cards to customers, but rather provide financial institutions with branded payment products that they use as they see fit. Let’s take a look at the two companies and see what makes them so successful.

Visa offers fast, secure, and reliable money transfers through their VisaNet processing network. Each transaction is checked against more than 500 variables and fraud detection parameters before it is cleared. Those are quite interesting and are definitely worth exploring in a separate article. The company itself is based in Foster City, California. Visa is a public company, and can be found at the New York Stock Exchange under the letter ‘V’.

MasterCard also offer an impeccable system that makes sure all transactions are safe, secure, and fast. They rely on modern technology to perform multiple checks on every step a transaction makes. The company also holds Maestro – the number one debit card worldwide. MasterCard was established in 1966, and went public in 2006. It can be found at the New York Stock Exchange under the name ‘MA’.

Using Credit Cards Is Fast, Safe, and Convenient

Using a credit card at online casinos is a fast, safe, and reliable method to deposit or withdraw funds from your account. Even though all casinos support it, you need to make sure you are playing at a licensed, honest, and dependable operator. That is why we recommend visiting one of our featured casinos. In addition to great games, you will also get an awesome welcome bonus and many additional benefits.