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Mini Roulette – Review of the Slimmed Down Version

You know what they say about good things and small packages, so if we were to assume that inspirational quotes on a vanilla background postulated truths, then this is one good game, as it doesn’t get any smaller than this. This is really just a slimmed-down version of European roulette, as the wheel has only 13 pockets – the black and red numbers 1 to 12 and a green zero. This version is developed by Playtech and offers the polished software and intuitive design that make every game of theirs a pleasure to play. Read More

Mini Roulette
£600 Bonus Exclusive Offer at Ladbrokes Casino
Single Zero£1 Min. Bet£1000 Max. BetNo RacetrackNo Called BetsRTP: 97.3%
Game Rating:
  • Gameplay: 4.7/5
  • RTP: 4.6/5
  • Interface: 4.6/5
  • Settings: 4.7/5
Overall Score: 4.7/5
Unique Features:
  • 12 Pockets + Zero
  • High RTP
  • European Rules
Where you can play the game: Ladbrokes Casino,

By now, you may already have a few questions coming to mind, like “Do the fewer numbers mean a bigger chance of making a successful bet?”, “What about called bets?” and “How does this layout influence the RTP?” We’ll give you the answers to all of these, plus we’ll also offer you the chance to try the game for free in practice mode. In this article, we’ve also listed the casinos that offer the game along with information on their bonuses and wagering requirements, as well as some suggestions for other roulette games you might want to consider playing.

Mini Roulette Key Details
Developer: Playtech
Game Type: Single Zero
Bet Limits: £1 – £1000
Racetrack: No
Called Bets: No
Saved Bets: No
Fast Play: Yes
Auto Play: Yes
Special Feature: 13 Pockets

The Mini Version – Gameplay and Features

Quite self-explanatory, Mini Roulette is a diminutive version of a classic European roulette game. The wheel has been scaled down to feature thirteen pockets which include the numbers 1 – 12 and a single zero. The game is played according to the standard rules and you can make all the usual bets – straight ups, splits, columns, Red/Black, Odd/Even. There are no dozen bets for the obvious reason that the entire reel is a dozen but there are three half-dozen bets for the numbers 1 – 6, 4 – 9, and 7 – 12. There are no neighbour bets on a racetrack, however.

Downsized to lack a racetrack, the game boasts a neat and easy to navigate layout. There’s really nothing that might confuse you or complicate the gameplay, which makes the game a great choice for beginners. And not just for them. Experienced players can also enjoy this fun version which is highly entertaining, minus the bells and whistles that may be a not too welcome distraction to the main game.

The RTP of the game is high thanks to the single zero but if you’re expecting the same payouts as in the standard roulette – you’ll be disappointed. They have been adjusted to match the fewer number of slots on the wheel, so the highest payout for a straight up bet is 11:1, nowhere near the 37:1 you can get in European roulette. Fair enough.

Enjoy a Game of Free Mini Roulette

Now that you have all the essential information about the rules and features, it’s time for you to see how the mini layout functions yourself. Click “Instant Play” on the game below and you will launch a free game of Mini Roulette in practice mode. Get used to the mechanics and customisable options and try all the bets you want without any risk whatsoever of losing real cash. You have 2,000 demo credits in your balance, so go ahead and enjoy as many spins as you like.

Try Mini Roulette by Playtech in Practice Play
Instant play

Thanks to the demo versions, it’s easy and safe to get a first-hand experience without betting real cash but if you’re tired of being on the safe side and you want to venture out into the world of online casinos, you will need to know where you can find the game, and which casino offering it is also offering the best bonus for roulette players. In the sections to follow, we will give you this important information.

The Best Casino Bonuses for Playing Roulette Online

Mini Roulette is available at Gala – a Playtech casino that offers tailored bonuses to meet the needs of all its customers and sure knows how to appease roulette players who might feel left out with all the slots extravaganza when it comes to bonuses. When you register and make a deposit, you will get a 100% match-up bonus up to £200. In order to claim the bonus, you will have a fortnight to wager the deposit and bonus 20 times. Keep in mind that roulette games, regardless how high- or low-risk your bets are, will contribute 100%. Great news for all of you roulette fans out there. If you’re not planning on setting up an account at a casino to play merely roulette, you should also check out where the welcome bonus is £400 but roulette has been excluded from the list of games contributing to the wagering of the bonus, which is 40 times. So, if you’re interested in the other games featured in the casino, you can set up an account there and still take advantage of the 30-day validity of the bonus.

  1. £600Bonus
  • Safe and Secure
  • Generous Welcome Bonus
  • Live and Mobile Platforms
Find Mini Roulette at Ladbrokes Casino

The casino that combines a generous bonus offer, favourable wagering requirements, and does feature roulette in the wagering requirements is Ladbrokes. After you register and make a deposit there, you’re instantly eligible for the exclusive £600 offer – that’s a 100% match-up bonus only our readers receive. You will have 30 days to play through 20 times the amount of bonus and deposit before you can claim your bonus, with all roulette bets contributing 20% and other games like slots – 100%. A great option if you’re keen on trying various RNG games.

Play Mini Roulette Now!

Mini Roulette by Playtech is an excellent choice for everyone who’s just now starting to tread the waters of online table games, as it’s got one of the most simplistic designs and straightforward patterns. It’ll easily prep you up for a game of classic European roulette with a standard 37-pocket wheel, or it can be a breath of fresh air when you want to wind down, having had enough of roulette versions with complicated rules, extra bets, and additional features. If you’re looking for higher bets, more customisable options, or more twists to the rules, you can check some of the featured games below.

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Although Mini Roulette doesn’t feature all of the options that Playtech has bestowed upon some of its other products, it still boasts the smooth gameplay and intuitive design characteristic of the games by this developer. Graphics and sound are up to the highest standards as usual, so there is really no reason for you to postpone playing this mini version any longer. Try it at Ladbrokes and make sure you claim the exclusive £600 offer!